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In 2006, Pastor Israel noticed that the majority of patients visiting our medical clinic were suffering from respiratory infections that came from inhaling the smoke of the wood-fired stoves that are used in almost every home and hut in Honduras and other third world countries.

Israel began to study the stove and look for a solution. With a background in engineering, he quickly realized that the stoves are very energy inefficient. After hours of research and failed trials, Israel invented the IG Stove, which requires about 70% less wood to produce the same (or higher) heat on their flat iron stove top. Furthermore, the new design allows for the smoke to be ejected out of a chimney, which reduces smoke inhalation by about 90%.

CCH has now installed these stoves in over 1,300 homes.

This IG Stove ministry helps families financially (buying or collecting 70% less wood), helps people physically (huge decrease in respiratory infections), and benefits the environment (saving 100,000’s of trees in the Honduran rainforest).

Where We’ve Served

Meet Ocomán

If you've been traveling to Honduras with us for a while now, you've watched dozens of children grow up in this village we all love so much. Ocomán is one the of closest villages to our home base in Las Lajas and plays a vital role in our ministry efforts.

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Meet El Cerrón

El Cerrón is one of our most remote villages, located high in the mountains behind our medical clinic. Because of its location, El Cerrón has very limited access to outside supplies and provisions, making this one of the most malnourished and undeveloped villages we support.

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Meet El Peñon

Tucked away in the mountains surrounding the community of Las Lajas, El Peñon is a small village of around 250 people. We’ve been working with and serving El Peñon for more than 20 years and have been blessed to see the work God has done in the village and in its people.

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Why Honduras?

Honduras is one of the poorest countries in Central America, with more than 60% of its population living on less than $3 per day. Beyond this, Honduras currently has the third highest crime rate in entire the world. Statistics aside, however, God has divinely placed our ministry in Honduras, and we feel blessed every day in our opportunity to serve such a loving people group.

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In a country where most citizens make less than $3 per day, the smallest donation can make a major difference. Whether you feel led to give once, monthly, or annually, we’ve made it quick and easy for you to support and share Christ’s love with the people of Honduras.

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